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Why Date Check?

Give yourself the peace of mind

All our checks are undertaken by experienced Private Investigators, who conduct their searches confidentially – the subject will NEVER be contacted.

Background Check

You met them online, been on a few dates, and they seem like the real deal – perhaps this is it? But there’s just something holding you back. Are they telling the whole truth? How can you be sure they’ve been completely honest with you – or have they just painted a very attractive picture of themselves.

Do you have questions? Have you met any of their friends? Do they own more than one phone? and do they make a point of never answering them in front of you? If something just seems a little ‘off’, Date Check them.

Romance Scam

So you’ve been talking online for a while now – there’s a real connection – they could be the one. Perhaps they live in another city and you’re at the point where you make the decision about meeting up… in person! Nervous times, right? But this could be it!

In those conversations, maybe they’ve asked for money to help fund travel to meet you. They’ve said they’ll pay you back, even with interest. They seem so genuine. But do you make that jump? Be certain it’s not a Romance Scam. Even if you feel you trust them or you have a contract with them - Date Check them. Better to be safe than sorry, embarrassed, and out of pocket.

Do You Think You're Being Catfished?

verb /ˈkatfɪʃ/
lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona

They send you pictures but won’t take any while online with you, and they won’t skype or chat via FaceTime? Do you think they might not be who they say they are? Date Check them.

Within 24 hours we can provide you with a full written report.

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